Do Metal Roofs and Solar Panels Go Together?

Do Metal Roofs and Solar Panels Go Together?

Metal roofs have become the preferred choice for most Florida homeowners who wish to invest in raising the value and strength of their houses over the years. Metal roofs are becoming a popular choice due to its suitability for both cold and hot weather. Metal roofs have the advantage of reflecting sunlight, which helps to keep the inside of your home cool for longer. With a lifespan of 50 years, you can clearly see the advantages of installing a metal roof for your home.

When it comes to installing solar panels, Florida, sometimes known as The Sunshine State, has swiftly gained in popularity. If you intend on installing solar panels, the benefits are incredibly persuasive as a solar installation business in Tampa. This post is intended to educate folks who have metal roofs and are thinking about installing solar panels on their homes.


The expected return on your investment in solar energy is greater than you think. Many times it will outpace standard financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CD's.

Is It Possible to Install Solar Panels on a Metal Roof?

Metal roofs are lightweight, robust, and frequently made of eco-friendly materials, so it’s no wonder that placing solar panels on a metal roof is becoming a hot topic of discussion among homeowners and solar installers. To put it simply, solar panels can absolutely be mounted on metal roofs. 

Although metal roofs are still less widespread than the typical material used for roofing. Many solar contractors aren’t as knowledgeable about concrete as they are about tile and asphalt shingles. Fortunately, solar panels are significantly more suited to metal roofs than others. They provide a consistent and secure basis for permanent solar installation.

How Do Solar Panels Work With Metal Roofs?

Straddle blocks and mountain clamps, which establish a stable framework and platform for correctly fitted solar panels, are frequently used to guide solar panel installation on metal roofs. Solar panels are well-known for absorbing sunlight that shines on them. 

Cooling Properties of a Metal Roof Are Enhanced by Solar Panels

This keeps your metal roof from becoming too hot while also guaranteeing that your metal roof lasts longer than the industry average of 50 years. It is possible to reduce your A/C bills during the hot summer months by utilizing electricity from solar panels in combination with metal roofing.

Metal Roofs Combined with Solar Panels Result in an Environmentally Friendly Home

If you want to make your home more environmentally friendly, placing solar panels on your metal roof is one of the best methods to get started. Installing a metal roof might help you gain green certifications like the Living Building Challenge or WELL. While being environmentally friendly, you are also employing renewable resources, like solar panels and metal roofing materials, which are completely recyclable till the end of their existence.

Metal Roofs Outlive Your Solar Panels

Solar panels may last up to 30 years, making them a good investment for your home. However, in many cases, this implies that your solar panels will outlast your roof, requiring you to handle an additional expense. If your roof is older, you must replace it before putting in any solar panels. If you don’t, you’ll have to pay extra to have your solar panels removed and reinstalled when the time comes to fix your roof.

Metal roofs are superior to traditional roofing materials in terms of durability. If your home has a metal roof, it will most likely outlast the lifespan of your solar panels, saving you money and time.


The expected return on your investment in solar energy is greater than you think. Many times it will outpace standard financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CD's.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we feel that installing solar panels on your home’s metal roof is one of the finest things you can do if you want to benefit from an eco-friendly lifestyle and incorporate it into your home. Metal roofs are durable and can withstand the added weight that solar panels bring with them. Installing solar panels on metal roofs is a simple operation when using metal roof clamps!

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