The benefits of solar at home

Sunlight, its renewable energy source, is both free and abundant. Few power-generation systems are more environmentally friendly than solar electric power. It generates power silently from sunshine and emits no toxic waste or air pollution. Solar energy does not need the transportation or burning of liquid or gaseous fuels. Hiring a solar contractor may eliminate a substantial percentage of your homes electrical utility expenditures while also giving a respectable return on investment. Your system will be designed to meet your energy objectives while remaining within your budget.

At Circuit Electric Solar, our mission is to be the finest renewable energy supplier in Florida, focusing on assisting homeowners in reducing their carbon footprint in order to speed the world’s transition to sustainable energy while lowering their costs.

who are we?

Circuit Electric Solar is a family owned and operated business. CES was established in 2003 and is located in Saint Petersburg, FL. We are fully dedicated to providing electrical and renewable energy solutions to government, commercial and residential clients throughout the United States. We provide full-service solutions in electrical, solar, generator power and battery storage with a specialized team of subject matter experts that deliver on quality, on time and complete turn-key solutions. These solutions have the ability to be fully managed and monitored for the life of the system, 24/7 365.

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