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Solar Powered Camping Gear

Over the last several years, solar-powered technology has found its way across our globe by converting and modifying regularly utilized products to become more solar-powered. We now have solar-powered batteries, a water heater, and even televisions.

During the summer, it’s normally about this time that you start planning a lovely camping vacation with your family and friends. Camping was formerly thought to be a notion for individuals who wished to experience what it was like to survive in the woods. It has now evolved into a game of pleasure and survival.

When you’re out enjoying the great outdoors these days, there’s only so much battery power you can rely on to last the duration of your excursion. The combination of solar power and camping equipment has made it easier and simpler for camping aficionados.

It’s no secret that Circuit Electric Solar believes in the benefits of solar energy. As the top Tampa solar company, we feel it’s an underutilized option for campers and other nature enthusiasts. As a never-ending resource, it’s critical to dive in and get the correct equipment for you; you can charge it in any weather if there is sunshine available to feed off.

In this blog, we will discuss crucial gadgets that run on solar energy for your camping trip.


The expected return on your investment in solar energy is greater than you think. Many times it will outpace standard financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CD's.

Solar Lanterns

In the city, life goes quickly; a hectic schedule and onerous duties make spending time outside appealing. Camping in the great outdoors is a lot of fun, but keep in mind that some campsites do not have the electrical illumination that we are accustomed to in the comfort of our own homes. While there are several options for camp illumination, it is safe to assume that solar-powered lanterns are the finest option for your campground.

A solar-powered lantern has several advantages, including safety, silence, portability, and generating less heat than conventional lanterns, making it the safest alternative for when the sun goes down and the moon shines brightly.

There are many low-cost solar-powered lights and lanterns that are available on the market. This is an important piece to have since it’s a low-cost safety measure for anyone in the outdoors.

Our Recommendation: MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0

Solar-Powered Speaker

If you want to maximize the enjoyment and comfort that you and your family get from being outside, investing in a set of solar speakers for your next camping trip might be a sensible decision.

Using a solar-powered speaker has several advantages that will ensure your satisfaction with your investment. These gadgets, like your ordinary Bluetooth speaker, are incredibly portable, making it remarkably easy for you to move around during the day. Furthermore, these speakers will save you the trouble of regularly charging your speakers.

If you want to make your camping trip more enjoyable, solar-powered speakers are the greatest option because they are very portable, perform well on gloomy days, and are simple to maintain.

Recommendation: ABFOCE Solar Bluetooth Speaker


The expected return on your investment in solar energy is greater than you think. Many times it will outpace standard financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CD's.

Solar-Powered LED Flashlight

When it becomes dark outside, it gets dark outdoors, thus having a flashlight is essential for camping outings. Bringing a solar-powered flashlight with you on your camping trip, or even just in general, has a lot of benefits! The flashlight is readily charged thanks to a tiny solar array of photovoltaic cells built in the grip. Typically, the bulb is an LED.

The most significant advantage of using solar flashlights for camping lights is that they do not require regular battery replacement. Solar-powered flashlights are extremely beneficial in isolated regions where there is no other source of electricity. You can see objects up to 50 meters away with a normal solar flashlight, and a beam of light may be seen for considerably greater distances. A simple solar flashlight usually lasts five to seven hours.

Solar flashlights are energy-efficient, portable, and eco-friendly. You should keep them at home in case of an emergency. When you’re not using a solar flashlight, keep it on a windowsill to improve its performance.

Recommendation: NPET T09 Solar Flashlight

Solar Water Purifier

Water is not just a continual source of life for people, but when it comes to surviving on a camping trip, a solar-powered water filtration system may allow you to spend more time enjoying the outdoors, which is a delicate experience.

Solar heat is used in most solar water purifiers to heat water to a near-boiling temperature for a brief period. Solar heat collectors or solar insulation can be used to accomplish this. Pasteurized water is defined as water that has been cooked.

Recommendation: GoSun Flow: Solar Water Purifier + Pump

Solar Powered Phone Charger

The Solar Mobile Phone Charger turns solar energy into electricity, which is then used to recharge cell phone batteries. It’s a cutting-edge technology that can be used to replace electric chargers. It’s lightweight, employs renewable energy sources, and is both ecologically friendly and cost-effective.

A USB Power Socket with a maximum output current of 2.1 A can be found on solar batteries or mobile chargers. You may start charging your phone using solar energy by plugging in the USB wire that came with your device.

Recommendation: BigBlue 28W Solar Charger

Solar-Powered Generator

When it comes to camping, having a generator on hand is the most convenient tool you can have. A solar generator is essentially a sun-powered rechargeable battery. Solar generators are the ideal power source for camping or long road trips. This strong source of portable power is simple to use and keeps your electronics fully charged even when you are off the grid.

When shopping for a solar-powered generator, capacity is the most crucial factor to consider. Higher capacity will cost more, but in general, generators with a minimum capacity of roughly 40 amp hours, or 500 watt-hours, should be sufficient for most people for a weekend of camping.

Recommendation: Jackery Solar Portable Generator

Final Thoughts from Tampa’s Solar Experts

Circuit Electric Solar is a Tampa solar installation company that envisions to be the world’s best renewable energy supplier. Focusing on supporting homeowners and business owners in minimizing their carbon footprint in order to speed the world’s transition to sustainable energy while lowering their expenses.

Solar-powered equipment can be quite expensive. It has the potential to transform the way you camp, backpack, or visit the beach.

Invest in some solar camping equipment to guarantee you’re never left stranded. Any long or solo outdoor journey should be accompanied by a solar-powered light and battery pack.


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